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VV Puram Food Street: All You Need To Know

  • April 16, 2024
  • 6 min read
VV Puram Food Street: All You Need To Know

Are you a resident of Bangalore or here for any official work or trip? Well, if you are a food lover and seeking street food which amuse your taste buds? Look no further! Whether you are residing in Bangalore or have been around for a while, then there might be chances that you have heard about VV Puram Food Street. Exploring this street is a must if you are fond of culinary. Therefore, consider visiting this street and putting it on your bucket list would be a wise choice. Further, the street has a lot of restaurants, carts, Kiosks, and stands that provide you an amazing food along with taste on your plate. However, this street is busy and would is a greater chance that you will find large crowds eating, especially on the weekends.

In this blog, we will provide you with enough information about this street. Hence, reading this article till the end is a must to consider. Stay connected with this article to get to know each and every detail. Let’s roll yourself into it and continue reading.

What is VV Puram Food Street?

VV Puram Food Street is also known as Visveswara Puram Food Street. Further, this food street is located in Visveswarapura, Basavanagudi, Bangalore. Furthermore, the street is very busy and congested due to the small area of size. For this reason, there are more than 20 stalls in just 150-metre area. Additionally, the street offers several types of pure vegetarian street food such as North Indian, South Indian, Chinese dishes, and much more. Whether you are into North Indian or South Indian food, this street caters from each corner of India to each person out there. This street hosts around 15 eateries serving several types of items for instance, Vadas, Ragi Roti, Akki Roti, Curd Rice, Lemon Rice, parathas, Fried Rice, bread Pakoda, Pani Puri, and many more. The food street to Thnindi Beedi, eat street known in the Kannada language.

The street offers an annual “Avarekai Mela” in the months of December and January. It is an initiative to sell the product of Avarekai framers. It became very famous over the years by purchasing more than 1000kg of avarekai directly from the farmers each day of the festivals.

Basic information that everyone needs to know

Location: Old Market Road, Sajjan Rao Circle, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560004

Ideal Time to Stopover: Evening

Price: entry is free and the food price starts from INR 30 and further  

Timings: 12:30 PM to 1 AM- every day of the week.

Distance from Kempe Gowda Bus stand: Roughly 4 Km

VV Puram Food Street: What makes this street so alluring in terms of tastes and vibes?

The street is full of go with restaurants, stalls, and stands. At 8 PM you will find a huge crowd on the way with their eating. Further, there is very rush on the weekends. You might have to wait to get inside and also even wait for your orders to get to eat. Moreover, if you are a gastronaut and regard sampling out the food, then this street would be the ideal place to visit in Bangalore to enjoy the moist, luscious, and appreciating taste of Indian street food.

The street is beloved by local citizens and even tourists because of the best eats in the city. This street would be the best eating place to go with your friends, family and loved ones. The crowd you get is also super amazing and the best vibe you have ever got in your life. So, don’t miss any chance to visit this captivating food street.

What are the things that you should remember before making any plans to visit VV Puram Food Street?

Always try to sample out the maximum number of food and dishes. Further, go with your friend group to make your enjoyment double. Don’t go there to try one or two items, aim to taste dishes as much as you can

The best time to visit this street is by 7 PM. However, some of the shops began their serving after 5:00 PM. But all of them make their food prepared only after 7:00 PM.

You will find a huge crowd on the weekends. So get there before time to avoid rush.

There are greater chances that you will not find any seats to sit. Go there in comfortable wearing to avoid any irritation. In addition, the street has introduced a special section where patrons can sit and place orders.

Come before the time for parking. However, if you don’t get any try to park your car on the side of the road.

Put your garbage in the dustbin to promote cleanliness. However, each stalls have their own dustbins.

Carry your own water bottle to avoid the expense of buying it.

The food you should try for a better taste experience: VV Puram Food Street

  • Hot Jalebis / Gulab Jamun
  • Gulkun Ice-cream
  • Fried Rice
  • Chowmein
  • Pav Bhaji
  • Dabeli
  • Pani puri
  • Papdi chaat
  • Bread pakora
  • Cutlets
  • Lassi
  • Paranthas

What are the top eating places on this food street named VV Puram Food Street?

Shri Vasavi Chatnis

  • Akki Roti (rice rotis)
  • Ragi Roti
  • Paddus / Paniyarams
  • Mini masala idlis
  • Hot Jalebis

Arya Vysya Refreshment

  • Curd Kodu Bele
  • Idlis
  • Hot Jalebis

Shri Vasavi Mane Tindi

  • Akki Roti, Ragi Roti, Paddus
  • Dosas / Uttapams / Ghee roast
  • Idly, Lemon Rice / Tomato Rice / Puliyogare
  • Shavige Bath (Vermicelli Upma)
  • Kayi Hollige
  • Hot Jalebis

Idli Mane

  • Dosa, Idly Chutney
  • Lemon Rice / Puliyogare

Shivanna Gulkun Center

  • Gulkun Ice-cream

Bhajji Shop

  • Mirchi (Chilli)
  •  Bhajji
  • Potato Bhajji
  • Bonda
  • Raw Banana Bhajji
  • Maddur
  • Dal Vada

Dev Sagar

  • Pav Bhaji
  • Vada Pao
  • Dabeli
  • Rasmalai
  • Carrot Halwa
  • Tawa Pulao

Sree Ganesha Fruit Juice Centre

  • Grape
  • Watermelon
  • musk melon
  • Orange
  • Musambi

Chinese Corner

  • Chowmein
  •  Fried Rice
  •  Manchurian


This street is very close to the historic Lal Bagh Botanical Gardens. So, you can easily come here by the metro or a taxi. The nearest metro station is National College, a north-south corridor of the green line of Namma metro. The street is around 1 KM away from the metro station and 4 KM away from the Kempe Gowda bus stand.

VV Puram Food Street
VV Puram Food Street

Final words

The street is very alluring and attractive in terms of vibe and taste. You will get a wide range of stalls to tickle your taste buds. We have provided you the enough details about the food you must have to try and how to get there. Further, it carries us to the end of this blog and if you have reached this far by reading sideways and discovering it informative then let us know with your comments. Toddles!

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