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Soulgen AI Art: All You Need To Know About

  • April 24, 2024
  • 6 min read
Soulgen AI Art: All You Need To Know About

Seeking a platform that creates stunning anime images and characters quickly? Well, are you entangled with limited options and resources? Well then look no further, this blog will provide you with the crux of AI-based art tools. Through this article, you will get all the information on one of the best AI art generators that is Soulgen AI Art. Read along and discover the versatility of Soulgen, an AI generator that caters to hobbyists, professionals, and educators. Whether you are an emerging professional or an educator, it offers you a horizon for exploration. Indeed, readers will be offered relevant information on features, benefits, and how it works. Let’s embark on the journey of this captivating AI generator tool delve into this and continue reading.

What is Soulgen AI Art?

Soulgen AI is an inclusive AI generator that masters creating realistic and artistic images from text quickly. Further, it delivers an ample assortment of features and options to users. For this reason, it has become a prominent choice among artists and designers. It’s a platform where you can meet your creativity level, by enabling your characters and artistic vision within a few seconds. Whether you are into creating portrait images or engaging with AI friends, there is something for everyone with the suite of room tools designed. It unleashes your imagination into creativity with technology.

What are the major features that Soulgen AI Art offers to its users?

soulgen uses AI technology to generate images in different formats such as realistic and anime styles. By using this platform user can simply describe the images they envision accessing text and watch their imagination.

Users can customize body features such as clothing, hair, face, accessories and many more.

It offers the option to make images in both anime styles and accommodation artistic preferences.

Further, it also offers an option for users to make changes to current photos. Users have the option to add or remove objects. They can also develop the content and make alteration to images with text prompts.

Users have the ability to resize and improve them by adding potential elements such as backgrounds, characters and many more.  However, it endorses creativity to another level. Moreover, it allows users to explore and expand existing images.

Users can generate images from a prompt. They can specify the wanted quantity of images to be created for a range of endeavours.

The platform has introduced itself with easy navigation catering to artists of all levels of experience. It prioritizes an intuitive user experience.  

Benefits of Soulgen AI Art

It helps users carry their vision of originality to life by producing spectacular and unique images that are grounded on text prompts.

It saves the time and effort of the users especially when it comes to bulky scale projects.

Soulgen can be accessed from a wide assortment of areas such as photography, entertainment along with social media production of content.

It is frequently used to design characters within the industry of entertainment, for instance, animated games, comics and video games.

The platform would be utilized by illustrators and artists to make their innovative work along with artworks.

It produces images with high-quality images that can be used in several applications. Further, users would not get any compromise with the quality.

The platform lets you create custom illustrations based on your personal thoughts and descriptions.

Soulgen helps its users to create attractive and share photos to lift the visibility of their website.

What are the major disadvantages of Soulgen AI?

It has limited customization options as compared to other AI generators. Users will get fewer options for their creativity.

The plans are quite expensive compared to other platforms. Evidently, you have to pay more to access prominent features and services.

It mainly focused on the female characters. It leads to less variety in other categories.

Some of the users have faced the problem of cancelling subscriptions.

It generates images that can infrequently be incompatible with the text prompt. It leads to frustration.

Plan and pricing of Soulgen AI Art

Free plan

Restricted to 5 credits per day

Watermarked pictures

Normal resolution (512×512 pixels)

Access to basic tools such as select styles of images and basic editing tools

Pro plans

$12.99 monthly ($90.99 yearly)

100 credits per month

No watermark

High resolution (up the size of 2048×2048 pixels)

The features such as removing blur, multi-tasking, capability to change AI character’s appearance

Who can use this captivating Soulgen AI?

Creatives and artists

This tool would be an excellent tool to create the best and most unique ideas. Further, the platform has great editing capabilities to permit further personalisation.

Content creators

If you are planning to post on social media, game assets, or any type of visually based content, the platform you in creates visuals quickly and effectively.

Tech-savvy people

If you are keen to know about AI and its design, then Soulgen could be an attractive and alluring way to play.

How to use Soulgen AI?

Go to the official platform by typing on the search bar.

Click on try it now or sign up for a premium.

Tap on Create to open the image generator window.

Fill up your prompt at the top with description and details such as subject, colour and scenery.

Select a model to use as a base or skip this to generate an image from scratch.

Select an art style such as anime, realistic, or cinematic.

Choose an aspect ratio such as portrait and landscape.

Choose the number of variations

Tap on Create to generate your AI image.

From here you can create and modify the hair, clothes, and backgrounds. You can even extend the image beyond its borders.

Save your creation locally

To use soulchat, tap on add soulchat from your existing AI creations or you can select a pre-set bot from the gallery.

Soulgen AI Art
Soulgen AI Art

Final words

Evidently, this AI generator would be the best tool for artists and designers for unique and original ideas. With its ground-breaking technology, it offers an innovative and fun way to approach and create art with the power of AI. This transmits us to the termination of this article, if you have grasped this far-off by reading sideways and establishing it informational, then let us know with your comments. Toddles!

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