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Playlistpush. Com: A Detailed Overview

  • April 18, 2024
  • 6 min read
Playlistpush. Com: A Detailed Overview

In the fast-paced world of music marketing, Playlistpush. Com has emerged as a significant solution for artists and curators. Further, are you a sole artist or want to get your songs heard by playlist curators? But entangled in the situation how does playlistpush work? Well, look no further. We will provide all the details about this platform along with how it evolved over the years. Music has transformed promptly earlier we used to listen to music on tapes and cassettes. Currently, with millions of listeners on a single playlist, come back every week to listen which new tracks that have been added. The evolution of music has come a long way undoubtedly.

Surely, this full-fledged guide reviews all the features and benefits and will delve into the essence of the playlist push. The guide will deliver a detailed analysis of its services along with its legitimacy in the music industry. Therefore, reading this article till the end will be beneficial and worth to be considering. Hence, stay tuned to this piece of blog and come along with us to get to know the legit information. Continue reading.

What is Playlistpush. Com? (A detailed Overview that you should know)

Playlist Push is a platform that caters to artists and curators. Further, it is a website that assists new artists by linking them with other curators. The platform was founded back in 2017 and helps artists get their music on non-Spotify branded playlists. Furthermore, it gives the chance to playlist curators the opportunity and ability to monetize their playlists. The platform aims to boost the visibility and reach of new music to listeners all across the world. The helps new brand and artist to expand their reach.


Industry             Musicians

Company size   2-10 employees

Headquarters   Venice, California

Founded            2017

Scope                International

Playlist adds     500000+

Total reach        150 million+

Helped artist     25000+

How does playlist push work?

At the time when you run your campaign, your song will be referred to the targeted group of sole playlist curators. After that, in the process of application, the service will enquire about your song, social links, and genre. Further, throughout two weeks’ campaign, the curator will get your song and the decision is up to the curators whether they want to accept or decline.

What are the steps to join Playlist Push? (Playlistpush. Com)

This platform is specifically designed for artists and music curators. Further, the platform associates artists with playlist curators. It allows artists to get their music on several playlists and helps them to get a wider audience.

The steps to join yourself into-

First of all, navigate to the official website by typing in the search bar.

After that, define the role you want to join whether as an artist or a curator.

Now, click on the sign up option and fill in the needed information. Curators have to fill in information about their playlists and listeners.

This time artist has to go through with verification process. Further, for curators, they have to prove the legitimacy of their playlists.

Once you submit your application, you have to wait for approval from the playlist push.

Once your application is approved, establish your profile with appropriate information about your music.

How to Work on Playlist Push? (Playlistpush. Com)

For artists

After joining the platform, users have to make a campaign for their music.

Choose the playlists according to taste and preference of music genre.

Thereafter, submit the tracks to certain playlists.

Further, the curator provides real-time feedback on your music.

For curators

The curators have to frequently check for new submissions of music.

To eliminate the hindrance curators, need to listen to the tracks and raise appropriate music for their playlists.

If the music is appropriate for the playlist, then they can add it to their playlists.

Provide the needed feedback to artists to maximise efficiency.

What are the advantages that an individual should know about Playlist Push?

Artists would get exposure to a wide-ranging audience.

The platform helps in making relations with other artists and curators.

Artists would get fair and real-time feedback from curators.

Curators can earn money by adding tracks to their playlists.

What are the major drawbacks of Playlist push?

One of the major drawbacks of this platform is its cost. Artists have to pay significant costs to begin the campaigns.

There is no guarantee of success even if the artist’s music is added to the playlists.

It would be time-consuming for the curators because they have to listen and review tracks.

Pricing of campaign (Playlistpush. Com)

The charges based on several genres you need to be scheduled along with the fame of varieties. If you choose the campaign cost it does not mean that it would be sufficient to get all the experience you need. There might be a chance that you have to spend more money to make your tracks successful.

The Spotify campaign starts at $300 but it depends on the budget and the reach you are aiming for. Further, you can also spend more than $1000 on the platform to put your tracks in front of more curators. Certainly, the average cost for a Spotify campaign is somewhere around $450.

Spotify Playlist Curator Program Requirements (Playlistpush. Com)

A minimum of 1,000 followers per playlist

30 active listeners or 1% listening rate

No fake followers or bots

No playlists that don’t suitable their rules

Is Playlist Push a legitimate platform?

The platform is a legitimate way to make extra earnings for artists. Further, this platform is one of the largest Spotify music promotion sites. The platform has more than 4000 active playlists and a significant reach of 150 million plus listeners. As per the number, it shows that this website is a trustworthy site.

Playlistpush. Com
Playlistpush. Com

Final say!

Indeed, we have chatted a lot about the platform named Playlist Push in detail. It picks us to the end of this blog and if you have reached this extreme by reading along and found it informative, then let us know with your comments. Toddles!


We do not promote and encourage the use of this platform. it may affect your security and privacy concern. Use this platform at your own risk.

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