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The Best Time To Resell Your Concert Tickets

  • July 2, 2024
  • 3 min read
The Best Time To Resell Your Concert Tickets

Determining when to resell your concert tickets can help you maximize sales and profits. If you’re like some concert ticket resellers, you might prefer reselling as soon as possible. You may also opt for the last few days before the concert to resell your tickets. Here’s more information about the best time to resell concert tickets online:

Immediately After the Tickets are Available

The best time to resell concert tickets doesn’t follow a one-size-fits-all approach. Factors such as ticket availability and the artist’s popularity might create a high demand after the concert is announced. Take advantage of the early buyer demand and resell your concert tickets during the first week. During this period, the hype for the concert is highest, creating a demand for tickets. 

Consumers are savvy shoppers and will seek information about the concert as soon as it’s announced. According to this sales trends report, 19% of buyers will purchase a new product after learning about it. Leverage this data to resell concert tickets during the awareness stage. That means you need to make your ticket sale ready immediately after the concert announcement.

Whether you’re a professional ticket broker or bought surplus concert tickets, you can take advantage of the presale period. Buy the presale tickets and list them on your preferred ticket reselling platform. This will allow concert-goers who missed the presale tickets to buy them in the first week after the announcement.

When the demand for concert tickets is high, you can charge more to increase your profit margins. Research to compare prices for similar tickets from competitors. Avoid overcharging your tickets, as it might drive buyers away. You can also use pricing tools and historical data on your ticket reseller’s platform to price your tickets.

A Few Days Before the Concert

The closing phase of the sales cycle can be a good time to resell tickets. Utilizing the last few days before the concert allows resellers to target last-minute buyers. During this period, you might have sold most of your tickets after the concert announcement. Utilize the scarcity principle to increase the demand and sale of your tickets.

You can use social media to let buyers know the number of tickets remaining. If the tickets are limited, this will create the “Fear of Missing Out” (FOMO) concept, thus increasing the demand. Some people will resell tickets by running a “last chance” competition during the closing phase. 

Waiting too long might leave you less time to resell all your concert tickets. But if you’ve sold most of your tickets and left with several, you can offload them by lowering prices. This strategy encourages last-minute buyers to purchase tickets at lower prices. It will also help you offload the remaining concert tickets instead of leaving them to go to waste.

Leverage Timing to Resell Concert Tickets

Reselling concert tickets for a profit requires deciding on a timing strategy to boost sales. Before reselling, monitor the demand for tickets, the popularity of the concert, and your target buyers. These factors might help you understand the right time to resell concert tickets. Leverage timing to resell your concert tickets and increase sales.

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