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Travel : covid explosion on flight from italy

  • June 1, 2023
  • 5 min read : covid explosion on flight from italy

125 passengers of a chartered Italy flight tested covid positive in Amritsar

 In Amritsar, 125 passengers tested positive for covid. The chartered Milan Amritsar flight landed at Amritsar’s Sri Ram Guru Das International Airport on January 6, 2022, and approximately 125 passengers tested positive. In this article, we have discussed the corrective actions that the authorities would have taken in addition to providing all of the in-depth information about this incident. We can understand better with the following information below.

A single hault brought this flight from Milan, Italy, to Amritsar. This flight that arrived in the first part of the day at 11:00 am conveyed a sum of 179 travellers, including 19 youngsters. 160 passengers were tried for Coronavirus and 125 were positive upon landing in the air terminal, and the other 19 individuals were kids and babies so they were not tried.

This flight withdrew from Milan, Italy and made a layover at Tbilisi which is the capital city in Georgia. This chartered flight stopped there to get fuel. The flight was said to have been managed by SARC Aviation in Amritsar and operated by a Portuguese company called Euroatlantic Airways. After the news got out to the public, the authorities had to deal with a lot of issues. Let us understand more in detail by keeping reading below.

What actions were taken by the authorities?

As the day passed, there was a great deal of disarray at the Amritsar airport with families attempting to get a handle on the circumstance. Since the outbreak began, the management officials at the Amritsar airport had no prior experience dealing with such a large number of covid positive cases. As a result, they were having a difficult time managing the situation. When the authorities instructed the passengers to be sent to isolation centres, the passengers resisted vigorously.

The passengers were sceptical of the genuineness of their individual Coronavirus reports as they had tried negative when they originally left from Italy. The passengers and their families were personally agitated as a result.

In the end, management decided that all passengers who tested positive for covid would be quarantined in an institution. The Assistant Civil Surgeon (ACS), Dr. Amarjit Singh, decided that the passengers would be relocated to isolation centres in their respective districts despite many objections from the passengers and their families. The majority of infected passengers were from the districts of Ludhiana, Kapurthala, Jalandhar, and Gurdaspur. Of the remaining infected passengers, 13 were from Amritsar, and the remaining were from the regions of Moga and Phillaur.

Ten ambulances were stationed at the airport, according to a statement from Amarjit Singh. Patients were allowed to hire private taxis as long as they provided information about themselves and the driver so that they could be easily tracked. Amarjit additionally educated that out of all the contaminated, 116 were new cases and staying 15 were contacts of the positive cases. Additionally, the ACS recommended that all flights coming from countries with high risk be immediately halted.

At this point, it had become not only necessary but also essential for the authorities and the government to take corrective action. Since this was the first time that this many covid cases had been recorded in Punjab following the pandemic, the news spread quickly and became a media spectacle. This prompted a few request gatherings between the specialists to deal with precaution measures for the future, so such episodes don’t happen once more. The following is a list of some of the immediate actions taken by various authorities and health organisations:

What the government has done:

Italy is one of the high risk countries for the omicron variant as said by the union health ministry like many European countries. India has seen a jump of over 65 percent in the number of cases of the Omicron variant, with 90,000 new cases, of which the omicron cases are increasing rapidly.

After the first incident in which 125 passengers tested positive, a flight from Rome resulted in another incident in which 173 of the 210 passengers tested positive for coronavirus in Amritsar. It seems strange that these things happened at the same time.

The association wellbeing service chose to step in light of the fact that this occasion has the biggest number of positive cases since the pandemic. The union health ministry made it obligatory for every one of the travellers to get Coronavirus check-ups that were coming from the nations that were considered at risk or high-risk nations.

The union health ministry has determined that all European nations, including Italy, are at high risk in accordance with the current decision. Local authorities like ACS have suggested that all flights coming from countries that are at risk or high risk need to be stopped right away. As there were consecutively two incidents of this extent, 125 and 173 Coronavirus positive passengers separately in Amritsar, the public authority should make remedial moves and forestall such occurrences coming down the line to improve the system. The executives ought to be set up appropriately to administer everything. As responsible individuals, we must also take every precaution to safeguard ourselves against such an incident.

Our government has actively decided to improve the measurements in response to these shocking incidents in order to better contain the pandemic that is spreading through international travel in the future.

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