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Sailor Moon Characters: All you need to know

  • February 23, 2024
  • 5 min read
Sailor Moon Characters: All you need to know


Sailor Moon Characters: Hello there, are you an individual who chooses to consume anime content to fulfil your entertainment needs? Furthermore, have you watched this anime series titled Sailor Moon? And, would you like to gain more knowledge about the characters from this anime series? Well, if that is the case then we have got you covered and you have landed at the right place. In this blog, we intend to tell you everything about these characters that you need to know. While doing so, we will try to be as elaborate and detailed so that you get all the interesting facts. Therefore, this is going to be very informative. Also, you are surely going to get entertained as well. For the same reason, you should consider reading this till the end.

Influence of Anime around the world in 2024 (Sailor Moon Characters)

Undeniably, anime content has managed to create a solid place for itself in the entertainment industry. Indeed, people from all around the world are fond of watching anime shows and movies. Also, people from all age groups like watching anime. Hence, there is no age limit on who might enjoy them. Meanwhile, anime industry has such a huge content library that everyone can find something suitable for them to watch.

Also, a major reason behind anime series and movies are so popular is because of the unique storylines. These are set in fascinating fantasy-based world which are made unique by graphics and animations. Also, we cannot possibly forget the characters which are planned with much efforts and executed. Therefore, in this blog we are going to discuss characters from Sailor Moon anime. However, before doing that we will briefly talk about the anime series.

About the anime series “Sailor Moon” (Sailor Moon Characters)

Previously, prior to getting renamed as Sailor Moon it used to be known as Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. The narrative of this anime series is based on its manga. And, the manga has the exact same title as the anime. Furthermore, Naoko Takeuchi is the one who wrote and illustrated that manga series. Basically, it is a superhero anime TV series. Evidently, it is produced by Toei Animation. In addition, this anime series first started airing on 7th March 1992. Thereafter, it got concluded on 8th February 1997. This anime series got dubbed in various languages with the purpose of publishing it in different regions around the world. for example, North America, Southeast Asia, Greater China, Australia, Europe, and Latin America. Lastly, along with 5 seasons it has a total of 200 episodes.

Sailor Moon (One of the main sailor moon characters)

This character Sailor Moon is named Usagi Tsukino. However, in the English dubbed version the same character is known as Serena Tsukino. Evidently, this character is the main protagonist of this anime series and plays a significant role. Basically, she is portrayed as a fourteen-year-old girl. Also, she has a very careless attitude. However, she has a lot of space for love, compassion and understanding. She has the ability to transform herself in a heroine which is called Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon is the guardian of love and justice. Even though during the beginning she did not care about fighting the evil and just wanted a normal life. Later, she started using every chance to use her powers for good.

Tuxedo Mask (Sailor Moon Characters)

This character’s name is Mamoru Chiba. However, in this English dubbed version it gets renamed to Darien Shields. He is a student who slightly older in age in comparison to Usagi. Mamoru lost his parents as well as his memories in a car accident which happened when he was just a young child. Evidently, he shares a unique and special psychic connection with Usagi. For the same reason, he is able to know whenever she is in any danger. This is the inspiration behind him deciding to fight beside Sailor guardians as Tuxedo Mask.

Sailor Mercury (Sailor Moon Characters)

Sailor Mercury’s real name is Ami Mizuno. However, she becomes Amy Anderson in the English dubbed version. Indeed, she is a quite individual. However, she is very intelligent. She is a fourteen-year-old girl who keeps her occupied in books. She has the ability to transform into Sailor Mercury. Hence, she is the guardian of water as well as wisdom. In addition, she likes to take care of everyone around her. Hence, she is very caring and compassionate. Notably, she has a dream of becoming a doctor just like her mother. Lastly, she has a keen interest which she is shy about when others point it i.e., pop culture and romance novels.

Sailor Moon Characters

Sailor Mars (Sailor Moon Characters)

Sailor Mars is actually known as Rei Hino. However, the name gets renamed to Raye Hino in the English dubbed version of the anime. Her character is depicted as a elegant looking fourteen year old kid. Furthermore, she can use her scrolls to fight evil even when she has not transformed and is in her human form. However, she can transform into Sailor Mars whenever she pleases. Therefore, she is the guardian of fire and passion. Lastly, this character is very serious and focused most of the times. And, she has a low temper and gets annoyed very easily.


Indeed, this anime TV series has proved to be very captivating and appealing. For the same reason, it has managed to gain a very dedicated fan base for itself. This brings us to the end of our today’s blog. We discussed a few main characters from this anime series that are most prominent. Hence, we hope that you got entertained and found this informative. And, if you like reading such blogs, there are a ton of others that you can consider checking out.

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