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Hiral Radadiya: Star of Ullu and Alt Balaji

  • March 26, 2024
  • 5 min read
Hiral Radadiya: Star of Ullu and Alt Balaji

Nowadays web shows are more famous than movies. In movies sometimes it happens that the audience feels like the movie can be more detailed for which it should be long in time. That’s why a web series is something that is liked by the audience much. You can just binge-watch them on your phone on the very first day of its release. Many new actors are getting a chance to start their careers through web series. Now audience is different for every genre. Some of you like comedy, some of you like horror, some of you like action, and some of the audience likes 18-plus web series. Now somebody likes it and somebody feels that this content should not be uploaded. Many actresses got work from these series. So our todays point of attraction is Hiral RadadiyaShe is an amazing actress in this industry.

It is not easy to be in such an industry. It needs a lot of guts and you have to forget your shame. Though these actresses can also try in TV serials and other web series also but they find it easy to get work in this industry. In some aspects it is good and in many aspects, it is a bad industry as well. This is a common thing that if something has pros then for sure it will also have cons. The only difference is the percentage of pros and cons. If you also watch 18 Plus and if you want to know about her in deep, then this article is for you. So read the full article till the end as you watch her series till the end.

Physical Stats of Hiral Radadiya

Physique is something that is a need indeed in every film industry or the industry of modeling. Especially in this industry physique of the female actress is all they need along with the features of the face. As it is the main thing that will make the scene more attractive and attract more audience. So Hiral Radadiya physical stats are pretty good and if you have seen her or if you will see her you will also find her attractive and you will search her web series. She stands at a height of 5 feet and 4 inches. Her weight falls around 60 kg. The color of her eyes is brown. The color of her hair is also brown. Her shoe size is 8.

Hiral Radadiya: Parents and siblings

There is nothing much available about her parents. Still, through our research, we found the names of her parents. Her father’s name is Kaabil Pateil. The name of her mother is Nakshatra Patel. If we talk about her partner, then she is still unmarried and there is nothing available about her boyfriend. Her personal life is not so much open as her. There is no report about her siblings as well. The maximum we found about her family we shared it with you. There is nothing much available about her personal life or we say about her family.

Hiral Radadiya: Education

We did a good research as we do all the time in every article but even after a deep research, we didn’t find anything about her education. The only information is that she completed her schooling at St. Joseph School. She pursued her bachelors from DU.

Career of Hiral Radadiya

Her career is very good if we look at the number of series she did. If she did this much series, then there is something different in her that she got this much work. If you know you know. The way you work is the way you maintain yourself so that you can be fit for the role no matter what the character is. The only thing is she got a lot of work and she is getting a lot of work. Let’s have a look at some of his work. In 2020 she worked as Ashwini in a video named Intercourse 2. In some of the series and videos her character name is Aswini.

I think she likes this name or it suits on her. Then one of the series’ names is Anjaam. It was also released in 2020. She worked in a series named Mucky. Though it’s a series but it only has 1 episode. It was also released in 2020. It seems like 2020 was a dream year for her and the luckiest one. She also worked in the most talked about show in this industry which is Charamsukh. Lust is everywhere and it attracts a lot of people it makes people weak and makes them do what they should not even do. That’s why this industry works. Then she worked in Nadaan and many more series like this. She worked for the platforms like Ullu and Alt Balaji. These two platforms are the most famous platforms for adult movies and series in India.

Social Media

If you want to get her updates about her life and her latest projects directly by her or if you want to stay connected to her then you can simply follow her on Instagram. Her Instagram handle is hiral_radadiya_official.

Net worth

This industry also provides a good source of income. As her net worth lies around 50-80 million. This is a good amount she is getting.

hiral radadiya
hiral radadiya


Lastly, we want to say that she is doing good in her life and this kind of thing also affects the generation and the youth as well. Still by saying something to her or to this industry does not make any difference so those who like just enjoy and those who don’t just ignore.

Thank you for showing your interest in this interesting article. We will discuss something more on another topic in the next article.


  • She was born on 7th April 1989
  • Her birthplace is Gujarat
  • She is up in Mumbai right now.
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