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Dive Into The World of South Indian Flavours at Sankalp: 10 Menu Highlights

  • March 28, 2024
  • 6 min read
Dive Into The World of South Indian Flavours at Sankalp: 10 Menu Highlights

Find out the core of South Indian food at sankalp near me, a reputable South Indian chain that offers top-quality cuisines and an unrelenting dedication to authenticity. Sankalp, with outlets in India and six other countries, is a shining symbol of tradition and innovation in the food business.

For those seeking to taste these delicacies from Sankalp outlets, the trip to delicacy paradise starts with this article. The classical dosas and vadas are timeless, and the contemporary dishes of South Indian delicacies represent an evolution of their craftsmanship and flavour. 

Here, we will discuss ten such menus that are being served by this restaurant chain.

What are some of the menus served here at Sankalp near me?  

  1. Vegetable Upma – is a comfort food of Indian spiced rava with veggies cooked in and served with chutney. Each bite is a blend of textures: the softness of rava to the crunch of carrots. The harmony of cumin, turmeric, and green chillies has risen in the senses. Generously served with chutney, this comfort food, with all its warmth and nostalgia, is here to take you to the heart of Indian cuisine. Apart from its vibrant flavours and the comfort it offers, Vegetable Upma is not just a dish but a harmony that treats the taste buds with every bite.
  1. Medu Vada – Enjoy the authentic deep-fried lentil doughnuts in the old style, served with sambhar, coconut chutneys, and garlic. Every bite that you take will reveal a crisp exterior that yields a tender, sweet centre that holds the flavorful lentils and spices. At the sankalp near me outlet, feel the essence of South Indian food in this popular dish. Dip your Medu Vada into the sweet-smelling sambhar for a burst of tangy taste, or have it with coconut chutney for a dollop of sweetness. The green and garlic chutneys give the food extra freshness and heat, therefore taking the culinary experience to new levels.
  1. Capsicum Chilli Garlic Dosa –  Bringing in a variety of enriching fillings like capsicum tossed in a tangy, delicious green gravy, this innovative creation elevates the classic dosa experience to new heights. Every bite is an explosion of tastes that ranges from savoury capsicum to the spicy hint of chilli. The Capsicum Chilli Garlic Dosa will definitely remain the favourite choice for casual dosa fans. It will challenge the adventurous foodies to a delightful journey that will leave their taste buds craving for more with each bite.
  1. Masala Boondi – If you are a fan of savoury foods, the dish of fried lentil balls seasoned with a mix of tomatoes, onions, and masala will be a true gustatory delight for you. Be it the delectable crispy crust or the savoury fillings, every bite of a Sankalp outlet is sure to make your taste buds dance with joy. So head to your nearest sankalp near me outlet today and indulge yourself in this unbelievably tempting treat!
  1. Onion Dosa – Imagine the wonderful aroma of golden dosa batter on the griddle and the sweet scent of caramelised onions, which blend famously together. With every piece, there is an exquisite intersection of textures and flavours, with the garlic chutney delivering an enticing zest. Whether you are a dosa lover or new to South Indian aromas, this Dosa is sure to take your taste buds on an adventure that brings fulfilment of cravings and leaves a remark.
  1. Cheesy Spring Dosa –  is an Indo-Chinese fusion masterpiece involving South Indian custom with a touch of South Indian tradition, thus creating a balance of tastes. The base is a dosa with a crispy texture, a little thicker to retain the filling of crunchy vegetables that are stir-fried with soy sauce, ginger, garlic, and chilli paste. Cheese is the star, of course, because it melts and creates little pockets of sheer enjoyment! Each bite, showered in sour chutney and fresh coriander, is a juicy explosion of savoury, spicy, and cheesy yumminess. The taste promises a gastric experience that sticks in the mind. Experience the Cheesy Spring Dosa at sankalp near me and go on a fascinating culinary adventure of flavour.
  1. The CRISP ‘N’ CRUNCHY RAVA Dosa –  is much like the beloved South Indian version, only with an added Semolina base that assures you of a delectable texture. Beyond breakfast, it transforms into a versatile snack or light meal. With its golden facade and chewy bites, every mouthful is a tribute to South Indian spices. 
  1. Bisi Bele Huli Anna – Karnataka’s speciality, blends rice with lentils and spices to an incredible taste. A combination of fragrant cumin, coriander, and coconut with sour tamarind creates an aromatic delight in every mouthful. Fluffy rice, soft lentils, and crunchy vegetables are in every bite with a befitting, satisfyingly spicy taste. Whether you are a South Indian foodie or a newbie on a quest for new flavours, you will definitely enjoy the meal, and your tastebuds will jump with joy. 
  1. Fried idli – also known as masala idli or idli fry, breathes new life into leftovers with its crispy texture and flavorful options. It’s easy to experiment—adjust spice, add more veggies, or use other flavours. Furthermore, one can deep-fry the idlis at their freshest to bring forth the best texture.
  1. Butter idli –  a pleasant blend of the South Indian regular breakfast diet, gives you a mesmerising feel with its fantastic taste. Try melting butter idlis with your favourite sauces, chutneys, or sambar for a complete meal. Apart from breakfast, they are the perfect food for snacks and light meals. For a traditionalist or an adventurous eater, the rich texture and just the right flavour of the butter idli is one that every food enthusiast opts for.


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