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Dhruv Rathee Wife: All You Need To Know About

  • May 22, 2024
  • 6 min read
Dhruv Rathee Wife: All You Need To Know About

The Internet world has gone way more far and the creators earning a lot of wealth from it. In the realm of Indian social media and YouTube, Dhruv Rathee emerged as a prominent social media influencer. He has 1 million followers on YouTube along with Instagram. Further, through this article, netizens will be provided with relevant and adequate information regarding Dhruv Rathee wife height, net worth, early life, education, and many other information in detail. if you are a fan of Dhruv, then reading this article till the end would be interesting and factual. let’s start this article ahead and continue reading.

Who is Dhruv Rathee wife?

Dhruv wife’s name is Juli Rathi. Further, Juli was born on 8 February 1997. Saturday was the day she was born. As of writing today, she is 27 years old. She was born in Germany. She follows the Aquarius zodiac sign. Juli holds the German nationality. Her hobbies are painting and travelling. She is famous for being the wife of Indian YouTuber Dhruv Rathee. Her profile demonstrates that she is from the medical profession. Alongside, she also appears on Dhruv Rathee’s vlog YouTube channel. She did her graduation in Germany respected school and university. Apart from that, she is also a good photographer and videographer. She met with her husband, and they both studied at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany. Her father is a good businessman.

Personal and professional information of Juli Rathee

Profession          Medical Student & Part-time camerawoman

Renowned for    Being the wife of Dhruv Rathee

Height                 170 cm

Weight                55kg

Eye Colour          Grey

Hair Colour         Brown

Body M               36-24-35

DOB                     8 February 1997

Age                      27 years old

Zodiac Sign         Aquarius

Nationality         German

Hobbies              Painting & Travelling

Food Habit         Non- Vegetarian  

Marital Status   Married

Spouse name     Dhruv Rathee

Marriage date   24 November 2021

When did Dhruv and Juli meet for the first time? (Dhruv Rathee wife)

Dhruv and Juli met in 2014 for the first time while Juli attended classes and Dhruv did internships. After that, we both became good friends. At that time, Juli was just 19 years old. She is frequently seen in Dhruv’s videos. Further, she helped Dhruv as a camera person in his videos. Both friendships gradually grew further after five years. He proposed to Juli on Valentine’s Day and they both came into a relationship. After being in a relationship for seven years, they both got married. Recently said that she is the biggest supporter and he is very lucky to have her in his life. Relationship private, but sometime this year, each other pictures and videos on social media.

On what day did Dhruv and Juli get married? (Dhruv Rathee wife)

On 24 November 2021, Dhruv and Juli got married in European style. They booked Belvedere Palace in Vienna, Australia. Dhruv Vijay is, a citizen of India and he belongs to the Haryana state. After getting married in Australia, he returned to India on 13 May 2022. They both got married again according to Indian customs in Rajasthan. She Was ready in a beautiful dress during her wedding. In Mehndi or Haldi, everyone wore different types of Indian dresses in the ceremonies.

Who is Dhruv Rathee?

Dhruv Rathee is an Indian YouTuber, social media activist, and blogger born on 8 October 1994. Further, the same is true for YouTube videos on political, social, and environmental issues. He has millions of subscribers across all channels. Dhruv was born into a Hindu in Haryana state. He completed his primary education in Haryana before pursuing higher education in Germany. Dhruv accomplished his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. he did his master’s degree in renewable energy from the same institute. Dhruv is primarily known for his political videos. He explains the content in detail in his videos. Dhruv started his YouTube career back in 2013 and addressed topics in his videos. Further, he began another YouTube channel named Dhruv Rathee Vlogs where she uploads his international travel vlogs.

Income Sources and Net Worth of Dhruv Rathee

Dhruv Rathee’s income comes from online endeavours such as YouTube revenue, sponsored content, and income generated from his online courses. He has expertise in content, writing, and advocacy work contributing to his financial stability. His net worth remains unclosed, but he has a significant net worth.

Controversies and Advocacy of Dhruv Rathee

He’s a vocal critic of the ruling Bharathi Janta party in India. His videos frequently spark controversy and heated debates. Further, he courageously talks about the issues concerning governance, social, and environmental conservation attracting both appreciation and criticism from various quarters. Despite facing backlash, he remains unwavering in his commitment to journalistic integrity and truth-seeking.

Dhruv Rathee Wife
Dhruv Rathee Wife

Social Media Handles


Final words

In this blog, we have talked about Dhruv Rathee from his wife to his controversies in detail. Indeed, he is a well-known YouTuber and social media creator who fearlessly talks about political and environmental issues. This is the finish of this blog. Toddles!


  • They both met back in 2014 when Juli was a student and Dhruv was doing internships.
  • They tied the knot in a beautiful country named Australia.
  • Juli is a medical student by profession and even also featured in the Dhruv Rathee vlogs channel.
  • She helped her husband in his videos where she works as a part-time camera woman.
  • The couple dated each other for more than seven years before getting married in 2021.
  • She loves travelling and has visited more than 15 countries across the world.
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