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Best Learning Management Systems (LMS)

  • March 30, 2024
  • 6 min read
Best Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Learning management system (LMS) software enables a business to host, deliver and track job-related employee or customer training. WordPress LMS allows for the creation and administration of courses tests and assignments as well as tracking learner progress and performance. DomainRacer LMS software administers employee courses and produces certificates and reports on participation saving businesses time and money.

We reviewed small business-appropriate LMS software vendors that are affordable, and easy to set up and use. For LMS software that provides both off-the-shelf and custom content and also allows you to sell your business training programs online.

How We Evaluated Learning Management Systems

We focused on LMS software that can be administered without a full-time trainer. If you want a perfect website name for a lifetime then check the best domain registrar that offers the lowest cost plans with extraordinary services. We then narrowed it down to seven LMS vendors based on price, ease of setup and administration, and the ability to host both instructor-led and online courses.

Further, we wanted to make sure the LMS software was easy for employees to use too. Based on a small business employee training needs, the criteria we used to evaluate the best LMS software include:

  • Price – Tools that have a low cost of entry, or are free for a limited number of learners
  • Ease of Use – Tools that can be self-implemented and are intuitive, or that provide solid support and training to help you get started
  • SCORM Compliant – Tools that can host most standard e-learning content—text, video, tests, quizzes, and surveys
  • Delivery Format – Classroom-based training, e-learning courses, or a blend of modalities
  • Administrative Tools – Tools that make it easy to set up, assign, and monitor courses completed
  • Cloud-based – Accessible from an employee’s laptop or mobile device for on-demand learning
  • Content – Ability to purchase courses or create and upload your learning content
  • Reports – Reporting tools that allow you to, for example, confirm enrollment, attendance, and completion

I recommend DomainRacer LMS as the best overall learning management system for small businesses because it not only gives you free LMS software if you have fewer than

You can also host so many courses that you create yourself or purchase from their training content catalog to help you jump-start your employee training program.

Best Overall LMS for Small Businesses: DomainRacer LMS

We recommend DomainRacer LMS as the best overall learning management system for any business that wants to conduct employee training because of the low price, the number of courses included, and robust features.

There’s also a free forever version if you have fewer than five employees/users. Even if you need a paid version, it’s cheaper than most of the other LMS systems out there, except Moodle (which is open-source and free).

Using this, you can create your learning content. The free version lets you create and host up to 10 courses or purchase courses from the Course Marketplace of eLearning courses.

Access to these courses saves you time because you don’t have to create content from scratch search for purchases, and upload training programs from external course providers.

You can even sell courses to customers online through PayPal or Stripe with the e-commerce option. Other tools like Moodle also allow you to do this, but setting up payment systems isn’t as straightforward.

DomainRacer LMS Pricing

The price of this LMS range starts at affordable prices. There are no setup fees. If you have fewer than five employees and need to host no more than 10 courses, you can keep the free version—no time limit!

DomainRacer LMS provides additional plans that include features like custom reports and automation for larger employers with 101-1000 employees. In addition, the annual plans are cheaper.

However, you can sign up for monthly billing if you need to spread your expenses over 12 months. You also have the option to try any plan before you buy without providing a credit card.

DomainRacer LMS Features

Everything you need to host and track training is already built into DomainRacer, and very few of these features require you to upgrade to a pricier plan. For example, you can upload your employees via a CSV file and then let them choose their training through a learning portal.

Employee view of courses in DomainRacer LMS:

In addition to the standard LMS features, DomainRacer includes video conferencing, a training calendar, personal messages, and discussion forums for informal learning.

Allowing your employees to reach out to and learn from peers and experts. Their mobile app brings the training content to workers where they are—even when out on a job site.

Customization with your company logo and single sign-on (SSO) for user authentication is also available. The only real features that may inspire you to upgrade to a more expensive plan are SSO, automation features, and customized reports.


The DomainRacer LMS Course Marketplace lets you purchase existing courses from a catalog to cover common training needs like sales, IT, and safety skills. This saves you from having to create and upload your courses.

You can build courses yourself for job-specific training relevant to your custom processes or workflow. You could simplify your new hire process by presenting onboarding information online instead of one-on-one with each employee.

If you already have training videos or pre-built PowerPoint presentations, those can be added to DomainRacer LMSto keep all your employee training content in one place.

Delivery Methods

In addition to standard e-learning courses that employees can sign up for, DomainRacer provides training through video conferences, surveys, and learning paths.

For example, an employee might be assigned a blended learning path that includes an instructor-led training course combined with online discussion forums and shared presentation files.

In addition, those businesses interested in selling their custom courses to customers can do so using the e-commerce features, such as selling individual classes or a workshop subscription via PayPal or Stripe.


DomainRacer is easy to administer because you can easily upload your employee list via a CSV file and then assign employees to exist or custom courses.

Furthermore, its assessments allow you to test user skills with pre- and post-tests. Or, you might want to offer employees an option to test out content if they can demonstrate they already possess the requisite skills.

Conclusion –

You can also use the learning paths to restrict how courses are accessed and completed. For example, you may not want a learner to skip ahead in a mandatory online course about preventing harassment at work.

For the value and the features, DomainRacer LMS is our favorite learning management system. But if you have programming capability, you might find Moodle to be a great free solution that meets all your small business training needs.

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