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Scrum Masters Salary Potential in Different Countries

  • June 21, 2024
  • 4 min read
Scrum Masters Salary Potential in Different Countries

Scrum framework has a noticeable impact on the stream of software development. The growing demand for skilled professionals with great knowledge of the framework has increased in recent times. Many professionals are looking to establish their career path as a scrum master as it opens doors for global opportunities. In addition to a passion for the profession, pay scale remains one of the prominent factors in making professionals choose the globally renowned job role, the scrum master. The scrum masters have great potential to grab high salaries in different countries. However, factors play a key role. Let’s explore the pay scale of scrum masters in different countries.

How do Scrum Master Certifications Help You Earn a Good Pay scale?

Your salary as a scrum master rises with the certifications you earn. There is a huge difference in the pay package offered to certified and non-certified professionals. Courses like SAFe scrum master certification training offer practical experience to the professional, which otherwise cannot be obtained through formal education. Obtaining these advanced certifications proves your ability to resolve complex problems in the scrum framework. The scrum certifications add credibility to your expertise, and you can earn more as a freelancer when you have relevant agile experience and a professional background.

Beyond high salaries, the certified professionals will have great confidence in performing their job duties, and they could achieve high project success rates. There are many job opportunities open for certified professionals. They stand as the preferred choice for high-earning job profiles like coaching roles and jobs in diverse industries. The basic scrum certifications make it easy for new entrants to get into the scrum role and earn global recognition while enjoying a competitive salary. Your profile stands out for global job opportunities as you have earned industry-acknowledged certifications.

Salaries of the Scrum Master in Different Countries

CountrySalaries of the Scrum Master
DubaiAED 2,91,600
India10L -21L INR
United StatesUS$92,298/annum
United Kingdom£45,231/annum
Singapore93,000 SGD

Impact of Roles and Experience

The complexity of the scrum master role changes depending on the company size, experience and industry. The scrum masters working on small projects as project managers will have less responsibility than the ones working on large projects. If you are a scrum master working in high-level scrum roles, you are compensated differently compared to the ones working at junior levels. Your experience in the scrum is also a key deciding factor for your pay scale in the scrum role. You should understand the job role and experience have a significant impact on the pay scale you could demand in the industry.

Average Scrum Masters salary based on Experience Across the World:

Years Of ExperienceAverage Salary
Less than 1 year$72,292
1–4 years$91,407
5–9 years$111,147
10–19 years$126,937
20 or more years$131,882

But not always, your experience remains the only determinant of the pay scale of the scrum master in the industry. There are many companies that determine the value of the scrum master based on agile project management skills, stakeholder management skills, risk management and other project management planning skills. All these skills can be excelled by aspiring scrum masters by completing scrum certifications like the PSM I Certification. These certifications demonstrate your skillset to the employer and increase your chances of getting hired at a higher pay scale. The pay scale of the scrum master is impacted by multiple factors and is quite complex to encapsulate in simple terms. Irrespective of the job location you are targeting to apply for the role of scrum master, you must consider multiple factors, including job titles, experience, and expertise in the industry, while negotiating salaries and comparing them across different countries. 


Many factors influence the salary of the scrum master in different countries, such as experience, certification, job role, industry, and company size. As the agile methodology continues to gain popularity worldwide, the demand for skilled scrum masters is on the rise. Earing scrum certifications that align with your current job role demonstrates your skill to employers, and you win a chance of getting recruited for a high-paying job.

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