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6 Simple Tricks to Keep Your Home Clean with a Cat

  • June 13, 2024
  • 4 min read
6 Simple Tricks to Keep Your Home Clean with a Cat

When you have a cat, maintaining a clean and organized house might sometimes seem like an uphill fight. Cats may make a lasting impression on your home via hair shedding and litter tracking. But you can keep your home tidy and sanitary for your cat and yourself if you use the appropriate techniques and put in a little work. 

Establishing a Regular Cleaning Routine

When it comes to keeping your house tidy while having a cat, consistency is essential. By creating a regular cleaning schedule, you can keep everyday mess under control and keep it from becoming out of control. Make time in your daily schedule to vacuum, clean, and sweep your floors and surfaces in order to get rid of cat poop, litter, and other waste. Invest in top-notch cleaning supplies and equipment designed to remove pet dander and hair from your house efficiently. To capture allergens, use a vacuum attachment or brush designed specifically for pets to remove hair from upholstery and furniture. 

Managing Cat Hair with Grooming

The quantity of loose hair in your house may be reduced with regular brushing, but cat shedding is an expected and natural aspect of cat ownership. Regular brushing will assist in getting rid of stray hair and keep it off of your floors and furnishings. To successfully remove loose hair from your cat’s coat, use a grooming product designed specifically for cats, such a deshedding tool or slicker brush. Whether you choose to groom your cat once a week or once a day, make sure it fits both of you into the schedule. To reduce tension and increase enjoyment for both of you, make sure you brush your cat in a calm and cozy setting. 

Containing Litter Mess with the Right Setup

Cat owners often experience litter tracking, but there are things you can do to reduce clutter and maintain clean surfaces. Start by selecting the best large litter box configuration for your cat’s requirements. To keep litter scattered within and from being thrown onto your flooring, use a litter box with high sides or a hooded style. To collect any stray litter particles your cat may leave behind as they depart the litter box, place a tray or litter pad beneath the box. 

Protecting Furniture with Covers and Throws

Cats like to climb and scratch, which, over time, may wear down your furniture. By giving your cat suitable scratching places and covering furniture with throws and coverings that provide protection, you may prevent scratches and damage to your upholstery and other surfaces. If your cat scratches naturally, provide them something to do with scratching poles, pads, and cat trees. Use washable throws or slipcovers to cover high-traffic areas like couches, chairs, and beds to keep cat hair, scratches, and spills at bay. Select covers composed of long-lasting, easily-maintained fabrics like cotton or microfiber that can tolerate frequent washing. 

Creating Designated Play Areas

Cats are lively, curious creatures who love to explore their surroundings and communicate with other people. Having certain spaces set aside for play in your house allows your cat to release their energy and keeps them from getting into trouble elsewhere. To encourage your cat to play and explore, set up interactive toys, puzzle feeders, and scratching posts in specific play areas. Select toys and pursuits that encourage your cat’s innate curiosity while offering chances for physical activity and cerebral stimulation.

Maintaining a Clean and Healthy Environment

It takes work and dedication to maintain a clean house when you have a cat, but the benefits of having a clean and healthy home for you and your furry friend are priceless. You can keep your home looking its best while enjoying the company of your beloved cat by establishing a regular cleaning schedule, managing cat hair with grooming, containing litter mess with the right setup, protecting furniture with covers and throws, creating designated play areas, and maintaining a clean and healthy environment.


If you use the appropriate techniques, you can maintain a clean house while living with a cat. By implementing these six easy tips, you and your cat can enjoy a clean and sanitary living space while minimizing messes and allergies. With a little bit of work and persistence, you and your cat can live in harmony in an environment that suits both of you.

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